Canada-China Bilateral Exchanges!

There are a variety of exciting opportunities for young Canadian students and professionals to visit, study, and work in China. 

CCYPN has compiled a comprehensive list of awards, exchanges, research  funding and internships to get you to China.  Be sure to check this page frequently as there are more opportunities to come!    



China-Alberta Award for Excellence in Chinese

The China-Alberta Award of Excellence in Chinese is awarded to a recipient on the basis of the student’s marks, a two paragraph essay, and a teacher and/or school recommendation. The student must be an Alberta resident who is currently enrolled in Grade 12.

Exchange Opportunities

Huawei Canada Seeds for the Future Program

The Huawei Seeds for the Future work-study program provides undergraduate, Canadian, engineering students the opportunity to participate in a two-week all expense paid cultural and work experience trip to China.

Ontario-Jiangsu Student Exchange

The Ontario-Jiangsu Student Exchange Program provides financial assistance to qualified undergraduate and graduate Ontario students in all fields for one or more terms of research or study in China.

University of Alberta Programs and Exchanges in China

The University of Alberta offers a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in an exchange or summer program at educational institutions in China. Students are eligible to apply for funding support.

Funding Opportunities

Campus Alberta Grant for International Learning (CAGFIL)

The CAGFIL funds Alberta post-secondary institutions to create international education experiences by supporting partial travel funding for up to 500 students per year. Students should contact their schools to determine what programs may be funded by CAGFIL.

Confucius China Studies Program –  International Conference Grant

The International Conference Grant provides funding support to scholars holding or attending international academic conferences on Sinology and/or China Studies.

Confucius China Studies Program – Publication Grant

The Publication Grant provides funding support to foreign scholars in order to translate or publish relevant doctorial dissertations, monographs, or founding relevant academic journals on Sinology and/or China Studies.

Internship Opportunities

AIESEC Global Talent (Internship) Program Opportunities in China

AIESEC’s Global Talent Program features global internship opportunities that aim to provide youth with professional career development opportunities in an international environment. Internship opportunities include experiences in China.

Canada World Youth: The China-Canada Young Leaders Program

The China-Canada Young Leaders Program is a 17-week program composed of 13 weeks of study at East China Normal University in Shanghai and 4 weeks of community volunteer service teaching English in Western China. Applicants can apply for a CSC scholarship and fundraise.

CIBC Asia Internship in Hong Kong (McGill)

The CIBC Asia Internship program provides full-time, undergraduate students at McGill with the opportunity to intern for CIBC in Asia.

CRCC Asia – 6 Internship Programs

CRCC Asia offers six programs throughout the year comprised of internships, travel, and study opportunities in China.

HSBC Commercial Banking Internship in China

HSBC offers an eight-week commercial banking internship for students in their penultimate year of university. Programme locations include Mainland China.

Human Rights in China (HRIC): Advocacy Program Internship

HRIC offers advocacy program internships for recent graduates from undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs to provide critical support for HRIC’s program work. The applicant would work in New York and should have a strong interest in human rights in China.

Human Rights in China (HRIC): Law Program Internship

HRIC offers Law Program Internships for students currently enrolled in a JD or LLM program to work under the supervision of HRIC’s lawyers on projects related to human rights issues in China.

IBM Great Minds Student Internship – China

The IBM Great Minds program is an annual competition for two to six-month internships in which students will have the opportunity to work with world-class scientists.

Internships in Canadian Embassy and Consulates in China

Each year, Canadian Missions in China offer a variety of six-month internships, granting successful applicants the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of Canada-China bilateral relations and governmental affairs.

Noah-APF Canada China Connect Program

Provides financial support to Canadian post-secondary students to acquire valuable work experience in some of Asia’s fastest-growing markets. Through a 12-week summer internship at Noah Holding’s office in Hong Kong, four Canadian university students will develop their knowledge of the wealth and asset management industry in China, and will gain valuable global experience from working for a Chinese company.

United Nations Development Programme in China (UNDP)

UNDP’s China Internship Programme provides a select group of excellent graduates the opportunity to intern in UNDP’s China office focused on areas such as Climate Change and Energy & Environment. Note: Non-renumerative.

WinWin Academy Corporate Internship Program

In partnership with China-based New Oriental Group, WinWin Academy’s Corporate Internship Program seeks to provide students with internship opportunities with top international companies in China.

Scholarship Opportunities

Alberta China Government Scholarships

Alberta’s China Government Scholarships provide annually, five full and ten partially funded scholarships to Alberta residents seeking to study in China. Eligible programs range from Chinese language studies to doctoral degrees.

Beifang Education Group Sunshine Scholarship/Internship

The Beifang International Education Group offers Sunshine Scholarships for students to serve a three month term as an international mentor. This program intends to provide participants with practical, hands-on experience in China.

Beijing Government Scholarship

The BGS was created by Beijing Municipal Government to provide partial or full funding for tuition fees to international students studying or applying to study in Beijing.

Canada-China Postdoctoral Fellowships Supplement

The Canada-China Postdoctoral Fellowships Supplement provides support to postdoctoral fellows and researchers to engage in international collaborations. NSERC awards 10 supplements of $10,000 per year for two years to successful applicants.

Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program

The Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program provides funding support to Canadian university students, faculty members, or mid-career professionals with short-term scholarships to study abroad in China. Scholarships are awarded for studies, language training, research, or a combination of studies and language training at participating Chinese institutions.

Canada Learning Initiative in China program (CLIC) Funding Opportunities

The CLIC program is open to graduate and undergraduate students at all seven CLIC member universities. CLIC connects Canadian students with fully-funded opportunities to study in China.

Confucius China Studies Program – Joint Research Ph.D Fellowship

The Joint Research Ph.D Fellowship provides support to doctoral students to study and research in China for a duration of six months to two years. The Fellowship provides funding for lodging, a living stipend, airfare, tuition, research etc. Note: Applicants participating on a China Government Scholarship cannot apply.

Confucius China Studies Program – Ph.D. in China Fellowship

The Ph.D in China Fellowship provides funding support to foreign students pursuing full-time Ph.D degrees in the humanities and social sciences at Chinese universities. 

Confucius China Studies Program – Young Leaders Fellowship

The Young Leaders Fellowship provides funding support to outstanding students by covering accommodation, travel expenses, and airfare for two to six months of planned activities in China.

Confucius China Studies Program – Understanding China Fellowship

The Understanding China Fellowship is divided into three categories, two of which are relevant to Canadians. These include providing support to a visiting scholar to China and support to senior officials from government, NGOs etc. for activities or projects in China.

Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship

The Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship provides excellent international students with full or partial scholarships to undertake full-time studies in Jiangsu Province. Scholarships can be applied to Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctorial programs.

Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), Government of China Scholarship for International Students

The MOFCOM Scholarship funds young and middle-aged individuals to pursue a postgraduate degree in China.

MITACS Globalink Partnership Award

The MITACS Globalink Partnership Award provides Canadian researchers the opportunity to gain international research experience through a 16 to 24 week research project at the industry partner’s facilities or offices.

MITACS Globalink Research Award

The Mitacs Globalink Research Award provides Canadian senior undergraduate and graduate students with $6,000 in funding to engage in 12-14 week research projects/collaborations at universities in Mainland China.

Schwarzman Scholars

The Schwarzman Scholars program provides funding for a one-year Masters in Global Affairs degree at Tsinghua University.

Yenching Academy Scholars’ Scholarship

The Yenching Academy provides its scholars with funds to cover tuition fees, accommodations, and living costs at Peking University.

Summer School

Seven-Day Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) in Shanghai 2018

The GESS brings together 105 students to work on interdisciplinary and international teams to develop ideas and “change the world through entrepreneurial means.” This opportunity is partially funded.

Volunteering Opportunities

AIESEC Global Volunteer Program Opportunities in China

AIESEC’s Global Volunteer Program features global volunteer opportunties aimed at contributing to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Volunteer opportunities include experiences in China.

United Nations International Volunteer (UNV Global Talent Pool)

International UN Volunteers are selected from a pool to complete volunteer assignments, promoting peace and development. Although volunteers cannot choose the country they would like to serve in, there is a possibility of receiving an assignment in China. Note: Volunteers receive allowances.